starting & scaling village enterprises

personal Empowerment through entrepreneurship

What makes Sonas unique.

the core values

We believe problems can’t be solved by a single solution. Instead, they require coordinated actions of talented and committed people ( the honey badgers) in the value chain, not unprofessional and inexperienced volunteers. Thats why we are starting a grass roots entrepreneurship movement that is self-perpetuating.

Our mentors

Sonas was founded by two friends inspired by Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Mohammad Yunus and Jessica Jackley of Experience of our mentors has paved the way for us and through them we know that it is possible to co-create personal empowerment and significant impact by taking small steps.

not a charity

Sonas is a social business collaborating with grassroots micro entrepreneurs for creating high quality hand crafted designer products with a purpose. We initiate mutual empowerment , promote progress and social development via Community Economic Development

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Handing out money and freebies can be disempowering and even destructive. Micro entrepreneurs need someone who can sit down with them and discuss about their challenges and help find a solution. That is why our chngemakers live in and are from the villages where our projects are

How we do it

We are a social business
Small Is Beautiful

Sonas is a social business focused on providing business support and education to small entrepreneurs in rural Cambodia. It is our mission is to initiate mutual empowerment , promote progress and social development via Community Economic Development (CED) process. CED is a community-based and community-directed process that explicitly combines social and economic development and is directed towards fostering the economic, social, ecological and cultural well-being of communities and regions.

  • We immerse ourselves to learn about daily operational challenges entrepreneurs face.

  • We believe in the power of belief in each other's potential and the local leadership

  • We have team of experts help facilitate one-2- one mentorship to ensure suceess

  • Our successful entrepreneurs then become the catalyst of change. That is how it multiplies

who inspire us

We believe in the power of collaboration and its ability to create the multiplier effect

Prof. Yunus

Mentor and Our Inspiration
Prof Yunus has been personal inspiration to us and his mentorship has given us the courage to step into the unknown and make choices that have long term sustainable impact. Sonas have been active member of Yunus & Youth since it was founded in 2013

Jessica Jackley

Our inspiration and mentor
Jessica Jackley has been our personal inspiration and a role model. She inspired us to believe in “the power of believing in each other’s potential and sharing the collective stories that perpetuate progress and hope”.

Samantha Morshed

Mentor and Role Model
Samantha Morshed is the founder of Pebblechild was honoured with MBE in 2009 for her services to rural women in Bangladesh. She has been our personal mentor and her expertise have helped us to avoid pitfalls of social entrepreneurship.

Claudia Harvey

Supporter & our Inspiration
An entrepreneur, business owner, writer, philanthropist and a proud mother. A strong believer that a dream starts with a choice to make small step in that direction

The Changemakers

Catalysts for change
Entrepreneurs who we work with everyday and have empowered everyone who they have come in contact with through their happiness and hard work.



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