April 28, 2013

How it works

Sure you have heard the quote,  ” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ” 

It is now proven that handing out money and free “things” (clothes, food, cows, chickens, toilets….the list goes on) disempower people, create permanent dependence and has a very limited life cycle. We believe the challenges such as unemployment, poverty, job loss, environmental degradation and loss of control the communities face—need to be addressed in a holistic and participatory way.

That is why we believe in Community Economic Development through Social Enterprise approach.

Here is how you can support our initiatives. 

Step 1  We identify an aspiring entrepreneur whose project or business you would like to support.

Step 2  Sonas will support the entrepreneur on the ground by providing education, training  and access to the market ( one of the biggest missing link in Cambodia )to help ensure their business is sustainable.

Step 3  Follow their journey by getting regular updates. You may also share your own knowledge, training and experience with the entrepreneur.

Step 4  Get your money back when the entrepreneur pays back their initial seed investment. Once you are repaid you can withdraw or reinvest.

If you have more questions on how it works, please check out our FAQ or you can contact us.