July 16, 2013

How you can help

Our tribe comprises of Individuals and organisations that share our values, support our mission, and are seeking to make a social impact – whether via ethical trade or knowledge sharing

Every penny lent to Sonas is invested directly to the entrepreneurs. We funded our opeartions through profit-sharing from these projects and pro bono support from our tribe members.

Want to get involved? Here are some ways how you can help

Purchase our products – You can support our projects by purchasing our products here as 100% of the profit is invested back in scaling the impact.

Support our ground operation  –  Support Sonas’ work on the ground by investing in our operations.

Invest in a project – Lend money to an entrepreneur and we will work with them at the grass roots level, to help create a sustainable social impact.

Share your knowledge – We welcome those who are willing to share their expertise in the education of entrepreneurs.

Join Sonas tribe – Make a social impact with us on the ground and help create a world of happiness and abundance by becoming a change agent yourself. Contact us for more information on how to get involved!