June 3, 2014



Weavers  is a registered trademark of Sonas that supports women to reach financial independence for themselves and their families by providing vocational training, employment opportunities, education programs and leadership development. We are more than just another e-commerce platform as we connect you directly to the origin of where your product was made and the story behind each piece.

You can support our community by shopping with us

How we do it:

  1. The Sonas team who work on the ground, find the women living in poverty who want to become financially independent.
  2. Sonas train and equip the women with the skills they need. They become artisans!
  3. Sonas connect them to the resources.
  4. Sonas connect them to the market (you)!
  5. The women begin to generate income to support their everyday living.
  6. They inspire others in their community, causing a multiplier effect.
  7. Remaining profits are reinvested back into the business to scale the impact.